Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Climate Sceptics

Though I am participating in the Higgins by-election as an independent candidate, I am also a member of The Climate Sceptics.

From their web site:

We are ordinary but proud Australians who are gravely concerned with the unfounded environmental alarmism infiltrating all forms of Australian Government (Federal, State & Local), threatening our way of life and hard fought freedoms.

The Climate Sceptics have done an excellent job compiling a large amount of scientific information on natural climate change - it's well worth browsing through their web site and registering to receive their email newsletter.


  1. Hi Stephen, I have a question - how many years worth of data do we need to look at to determine climate trends, meaningfully?

  2. Wadard, that's a good question. We should not restrict ourselves to a particular time window - we should be looking at trends over different time scales.

    I would suggest to look at the temperature records over the last 150 years (temperature records), the last 1000 years (proxy records) and the last 450,000 years (ice cores).

  3. Hi Stephen,
    You've got four votes in our house alone. Once Liberal voters. Not again until a good dose of commonsense is restored in the party. Good luck. I very much hope you succeed.

  4. Thanks, Dave. We really need a good does of common sense in the debate.

    If you're able to help out with handing out some how-to-vote cards on election day, please get in touch.

  5. Hi Stephen, saw your comment on Andrew Bolt's blog and meant to leave you a message there to wish you all the best of luck.

    Fresh, new blood with an injection of sanity is what's needed.