Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Osmotic Powered Coffee Machine

Reuters reports that Norway has built an osmotic power planet.

It will generate a whopping 2 kilowatts of power - about enough to power a coffee machine.

Norway has massive reserves in the North Sea, is the world's second largest energy exporter and already generates large amounts of carbon-free 'white' energy via extensive hydro schemes.

Hundreds of millions were undoubtedly sunk into the osmotic coffee machine project.

Is this an indication of the same 'low-carbon' future we are headed for in Australia?


  1. Actually steve why not look to Spain where they're building 2,440MW of 75% Capacity factor Solar Thermal plants in the next 3 years.

    That's a lot of coffee machines..

    on they're also installing 1500MW of rooftop Photovoltaic and 6,000MW of Wind power in the same period.

  2. Spain's transition to a low-carbon renewable energy fantasy has also resulted in 22% unemployment.

    And maybe you can tell me how many of those 2,440 megawatts will be available to power Spain's hospitals, schools and businesses on a cloudy day.