Sunday, November 8, 2009

Climate Sceptics Respond

Stephen Murphy responds to Rudd's declaration of war on climate sceptics.

Kevin Rudd has launched an extraordinary attack on the growing number of informed Australians who disagree with his views on climate change. To accuse them of being willing to watch their grandchildren suffer from catastrophic global warming is not only insulting, slanderous and incorrect, it is downright loopy. The Prime Minister appears to have reached his own ‘tipping point’.

We issue the following challenge:

The climate sceptics respond: We challenge the Prime Minister to present to parliament verifiable, empirical evidence which proves the theory that human carbon dioxide emissions are causing dangerous global warming and that global temperature changes in the 20th century were not simply a result of natural climate change.

And we make this demand:

Stephen Murphy, candidate for Higgins and climate sceptic, demands that Kevin Rudd table the draft UN climate agreement in parliament and come clean out the costs of emissions trading and how much of our freedom, wealth and sovereignty he plans to sign away in Copenhagen.


  1. The real demand should be that we stop all exports to other countries. No more out of country visiting. This would stop massive amounts of Co2 being produced.
    Nobody needs more than 1 small house and 1 small car all lights to be off by 2200hrs. Then we don’t need a Co2 tax.

  2. Here, here about demanding the evidence. The warmists just keep coming up with predictions intended to frighten people into submission, but never do they mention real evidence of a connection between the climate and people returning carbon dioxide to the air, where it came from, and where it will do the most good.