Friday, November 6, 2009

Rudd's War on Climate Sceptics

Today at the Lowy Institute, Kevin Rudd announced, in relation to climate sceptics who oppose his ridiculous carbon "pollution" reduction scheme:

And our children's fate - our grandchildren's fate - will lie entirely with them. It is time to remove any polite veneer from this debate; the stakes are that high.

followed by, in truly Gore-esque fashion:

The clock is ticking for the planet...

Find a full article here.


  1. From MichaelC.
    Good on you Stephen.
    The less evidence the more shrill the appeal to unscientific emotional blackmail from Rudd.
    I note that you cannot find credible evidence of AGW - in fact there is ample credible evidence of absence of AGW - lack of tropical warming fingerprint, CO2 lagging temp in ice cores, cooling for 10 years depite CO2 rising and contrary model predictions, Prof Lintzen direct measurement of outgoing radiation.
    Now, with Al Gore the messiah declaring CO2 causes only 40% of warming and appealing to religious arguments - surely the ETS and Copenhagen are dead!

    Kevin Rud is a dangerous man - a control freak, bully and a dictator at heart - even his Labour colleagues fear him according to today's The Australian.

  2. I was actually pretty happy with Rudd's Lowy Institute speech.

    It was so over the top that he has now irretrievably painted himself into a corner on this issue; right at the time that sentiment is changing.

    I'm starting to think that it will be the ETS that brings Rudd undone.


    James from Melbourne